#06 What if colorblind people could benefit from color?

1. ColorADD: Symbols that Include Colors – Miguel NEIVA

ColorADD Code is a universal and inclusive language, developed based on the three primary colors represented by graphic symbols which, combined in accordance with the basic concept of color addiction, allow colorblind to easily identify all colors. Nowadays, ColorADD is already implemented in several countries and sectors, such as Transports, Education, Clothing, Municipalities, Health, etc. It is estimated that there are about 350 million colorblind people all over the world.

2. A colour palette to be used in the public space, designed with regard to people suffering from colour vision deficiencies and in accordance to industrial colour standards – Jan GARSTKA  

“My palette is a base for the system that would collect input from other pallets and other experiments to extend its data. That way, you can select colors for a pallet that would have green and red but will be recognisable for people with color vision deficiency. This allows us to expand inclusion in the public space, make it safer to unaware mild colorblind people and provide a base for the public safety regulations.”